Bill Jonas - Off The Walls Studio Gallery
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Bill Jonas is a Scenic Artist in Hollywood, California, who does set painting for movies, TV and web productions. Having learned sign painting and airbrushing in the ‘70s, he provides hand-painted signs and graphics on movie sets and props, along with the normal duties of a Scenic Artist: painted textures and faux finishes (woodgrain, marble, stone, brick, metal, concrete), adding years of aging (dirt, rust, age cracks, etc.) for sets and props, wall murals, backdrops, wallpaper, plaster and foam carving.

Projects include a replica of the Star Wars cantina set for the Star Wars Celebration (Anaheim Convention Center, 2015; LucasFilms/Disney), stage set for “Science and Star Wars” (Disney), Newsroom design for (Chris Hardwick) and (Wil Wheaton), signs, props, matte paintings for “Drunk History: Seasons 4, 5 & 6” (Comedy Central), full-sized vintage billboard for KFC commercial (w/Darrell Hammond, 2015) and more recently painted an elaborate Escape Room in downtown LA with a Mayan pyramid theme.

Feature Film projects include “The First” a Mary Pickford biography filmed at the historic Melody Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA (28 sets; Producer Julie Pacino); “Thrill Ride” a family adventure that required building a complete functioning vintage carnival in a Chicago sound stage, and “Brave New Jersey” (Director Jody Lambert) where an entire Main Street of a deserted town in eastern Tennessee was turned into a New Jersey town in 1938.

In addition to scenic painting, he also provides graphic arts for movie posters and film proposals, plus digital matte paintings for post-production. For his own art, he is building a series of digital art to create giclée prints to establish gallery shows in the LA market. 

Art, Mix-Media, Photography