Greg Stogner - Off The Walls Studio Gallery
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Greg Stogner

Artist Statement

I’m not trying to change the world. I’m trying to discover something universal. I use acrylic paints, mediums, and gesso on panel, canvas, or a combination of the two to create abstract images.


Artist Bio—Greg Stogner

Strains of Chicago’s “Wishing You were Here” float through the studio. Greg Stogner leans forward, precisely applying paint using the tube cap as a palette. Dip the brush in water, drag it on the rag across the leg, apply paint with small strokes, wipe it away with a finger. The rag never stays in place. Paint-covered clothing hangs in the studio to be changed into for painting, but the intent never lasts. Creative excitement undermines any resolve to change clothes. A succession of non-paint covered t-shirts and shorts are continually destined to become “new” paint clothes. It’s easier to swipe brushes across pant legs. I should have known.

As a contemporary abstract painter, Greg’s work reflects imagery from popular culture and his love of the natural world. Describing some of his latest work, he invented the term Popstraction, combining elements of Pop Art with elements of abstraction. His technique reflects a striking attention to detail and fellow artists who view his work at the gallery are often awed by his skill with the brush. “How does he get that effect?” I’ve been asked. “With a brush,” I shrug. The look of amazement coming from other painters attests to his skill.

Process underlies all of Greg’s paintings. From a mind both creative and analytical, an idea occurs, the germ from which the painting unfolds. Creative enthusiasm alternates with calm analysis. The mind of the romantic who loves the old school music of Chicago takes turns dominating the painting with the mind of the analytic chess player. Hours fly by until the artist emerges like a hermit from the studio, energized by a painting problem solved or enmeshed with an ongoing artistic problem. Greg relishes discussing his work and considers input, even incorporating a small drawing by one of his granddaughters into a recent painting. Other symbols and images representing his family and himself find their way into Greg’s work, secrets to be uncovered by the observant, adding another layer of meaning to work rich in detail and ever-intriguing to both eye and mind.

Abstract, Acrylic, Art