John Philpotts - Off The Walls Studio Gallery
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Vision and beyond is the lifestyle that John Philpotts has carried into every endeavor of his life… into his career of Photography, Motion Pictures and entrepreneurial creations.

“I feel very fortunate to have been born and raised in the islands of Hawaii, which has influenced all of my creative endeavors, with a natural sense of beauty, composition, color, texture, and majestic scenery.”

It’s not just about a photograph that he shoots, it’s not just about a scene that he creates in a motion picture, it’s not just about an idea for an enterprise… He engages you into a total experience, layered with knowledge and originality. He’s done it all and that creates the vision and the way he sees things, the depth and dimension comes from one place…the heart to the head to the lens of vision. You not only see the image, you feel, smell and hear it. That’s a total experience…true actuality of the moment.

“With living in Hawaii, you as a kid soon gravitate to the ocean for most of your activities. My foremost passion was surfing, but I loved all other ocean activities.”

The Ocean in magnificent grandeur being a part of John’s life since birth, born on the island of Oahu in Hawaii as a third generation Kama’aina has a rich heritage from his original ancestors who were Scottish missionaries and settled into the lush, grand beauty of Oahu becoming one of the original Hawaiian families. At the age of 6 his father tossed him into the ocean and he quickly learned how to ride the wave. At 8 years old he was already a seasoned surfer by the age of 18.

And John didn’t stop there; his business talents led him to become an investor. He rode the wave of the business world, igniting his entrepreneurial skills.  Later, John tapped into his big dreams and big ideas and seized opportunities. He began working on National Ad Campaigns with lm crews on the Island shooting television commercials. This opportunity brought him close to the camera and he further developed the vision for capturing the character, beauty and presence that speaks volumes in a single moment in time.

He traveled to Hollywood and lent his unique VISION to the Motion Picture Industry for the last 25 years and influenced a variety of ground breaking television and lm projects that still live in our media today. He brought his talent of engaging you with horror in PUMPKINHEAD… From this movie he went into the art department…He worked on the murderous franchise, FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH, Part VII…HBO Dream On (winning a cable award for Art Direction), and Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and his most recent project, FAST FIVE.

“I began PHILPOTTSDESIGN.COM in the lm business over 25 years ago as a SetDecorator and Art Director, collaborating with an array of outstanding, award winning Directors; Roland Joé, Amy Heckerling, Henry Winkler, to John Landis and Cinematographers; Vilmos Zsigmond, Andrzej Bartkowiak, Jerey L. Kimball, and Stefan Czapsky. Each of these experiences with these directors enriched my work.

Today John Philpotts has created a body of work that brings his extraordinary vision of action art to the surfer, the ocean, the mountains, embracing the movement of perfection that dwells within each moment. He captures the creativity of the sport, or the landscape and brings it to life. It’s a total experience.

“Now, I have found the opportunity to combine my three passions of Surfing Lifestyle, Arts, and Entrepreneurial skills in Surf/Action Sports Photography. I naturally have an in-depth sensibility to bring to surfing, seascapes, and lifestyles.I have realized my dream career.”